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Real Estate.   Business.   Estate Planning.

our goal is to help you reach yours with qualified help

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Real Estate.   Business.   
Estate Plans.

our goal is to help you reach yours

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We are honored that you have landed on our page. Whether you are buying your first home, turning ideas into big business, or planning for your family’s future, we are here to help you navigate these life changing moments.  

When we opened Dills Laws Firm, we had a few specific goals in mind.

  • First, to operate as a client focused firm, providing dedicated service and unparalleled attention to our clients. We exist to help you solve problems and reach your goals. 
  • Second, to change the way that you utilize legal support. In addition to the standard hourly billing, we also offer flat fee projects, unbundled legal services, and subscription membership packages that aim to provide efficient results, rather than drawn out obstacles. By offering modern fee options, our clients don’t have to worry about the clock and can focus on the horizon.

You might also hear us talk about “adjacent possibilities” as our firm’s philosophy. This is the concept that innovation occurs not by large leaps, but rather by the incremental steps and changes we make. Just as technology didn’t jump directly from cave paintings straight to email and video chats, our clients make the necessary steps from their current conditions to the next step in achieving their desired outcome. 

We look forward to being your valued partner, to helping you navigate new chapters, and being a trusted resource for your legal needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out for more information or to discuss how we can be of service. 

We look forward to helping you navigate your next steps and moving you toward your goals.


Rob Dills
Founder and Managing Attorney

practice areas

REAL Estate

Buying or selling real estate is one of the biggest decisions, and investments, to make.  Whether you are buying your first home, selling a family home, or buying or leasing investment properties, Dills Law Firm will help guide you through the process.  We have handled hundreds of real estate closings and litigations and have the experience and knowledge to support you.


When people are ready to set up a business or need clear legal support, they rely on us. We provide clear legal support that will help you establish, manage, and sell a business. Business Formation and Operation. Trademark Registrations. Real Estate Transactions. Mergers and Acquisitions.  Wherever your business is headed, we have you covered.


​Estate planning is important for everyone: whether single or married with children, individual or business owner, wealthy or not. Estate plans should be used by everyone to organize your personal and financial affairs so that you and your friends and family are prepared in the event of disability, illness, or death.  We have the experience to develop the right estate plan custom built for you.


When you come to the Dills Law Firm, you will experience:
Dedicated Attention
We are a boutique law firm, allowing us to dedicate our time and resources to your individual client needs. We pride ourselves on always being accessible and quick response times. Our team is available and ready to help each client with the focus and service bigger law firms simply can't provide.
Modern Billing
In our opinion, legal expenses shouldn't be a mystery. Which is why, in addition to hourly billing, many of our services were designed with flat fee options. No more surprise bills each month and no more watching the clock when you need help. We've also implemented technology which allows us to securely email invoices and allow you to pay with a credit or debit card right online.
Bluffton Promenade Location
Our office is centrally located in Old Town Bluffton, conveniently accessible for our clients in the Hilton Head and Bluffton areas.
Trusted Resource
We pride ourselves on being a partner to our clients. By using our expertise and knowledge, we can help support you as you move through different phases of your life - from buying a home, navigating business decisions, and preparing for your future, we are here for you.

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