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Business Formations. Compliant Operations. Trademark Registrations. Real Estate Transactions. Mergers and Acquisitions. Succession Plans.  Startups, Growing Businesses, Established Brands. Whatever stage your business is at and whatever need you have, we are ready to support you.

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The legal team should be a business builder, not a blocker.  As a corporate client, we entrench ourselves in your business – how it’s organized and how it operates.  This allows us to provide support which is responsive to your particular needs, eliminating rounds of ambiguous back-and-forth and wasted effort.

a higher


I’ve felt the pain and frustration of working with traditional law firms.  As a business owner myself, and husband to a serial entrepreneur, I am too familiar with the problems of the structure that traditional law firms and lawyers practice.  Traditional law firms look at your issue as a collection of billable hours to be extracted. We see a problem to be solved and an opportunity to help your business grow.

Whether it’s lawyers billing hourly and stretching their time to hit exhausting quotas, surprise bills each month with no understanding of what was actually done to cause those high costs, or the slow and inefficient methods they employ.  That’s not what legal support should look like.

With a company mission based on the client experience, I have built Dills Law Firm with the skills and support needed to meet our clients’ needs.  This includes building out our firm’s backend with the support of modern technology stacks and an eye on the past and forethought of the future. I believe that corporate legal services should be high-quality, efficient, and responsive and not like something from the 1990s.

flat fee projects or recurring membership services

To best serve our business clients, we operate on a model opposed to the hourly billing utilized by traditional law firms.  Instead, most of our business support is offered on flat fee projects or through recurring monthly packages. This allows us to work efficient and productively, without concern for you over unknown and confusing billing.

If you need legal support on a one-off matter, our flat fee projects serve your needs.  These projects are provided at flat fees covering everything from sign-on to completion of the matter.  Examples of these flat fee projects include:

  • Business Formations
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Contract Reviews or Drafting
  • Negotiations
  • Trademark Registrations
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Buyouts and Sales

As your business grows, however, you’ll likely find that you require regular, ongoing legal advice and support on a variety of issues.  And you’ll want that support to come from somebody who really knows your business. Traditional law firms, where you hire on and off as needs arise, are not equipped for that level of support and experience.  And the hourly rates they charge are too expensive and fluctuating to be a practical, long-term solution for your business. But hiring a full-time, in-house counsel can provide its own challenges.  

Between salary and benefits, the average in-house counsel can cost $200,000 or more each year.  And that’s before you add in the costs of office space, technology, support staff, and additional costs!  That’s just too much for most small businesses – and even larger businesses – to afford. Instead, you need a solution that scales and evolves along with your business.

To create that solution, we provide flexible subscription counsel options to businesses at flat, monthly rates that make sense for your business. Our solution makes it possible for sole proprietors, startups, and companies with limited budgets to access top-tier legal expertise, and to scale up that support until the time is right to hire their own in-house staff. Our firm becomes part of your team and gives you the legal advice you need the same way that an in-house lawyer would, at a fraction of the cost.  Working with us will give you the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing your legal matters are being handled efficiently and properly.

To put it simply, we’re there for you when you need it.  By having us continually involved in your business, we are able to understand your business better than any other law firm.  We advise businesses of all shapes and sizes in many different industries, and we bring that experience for your benefit.

Holistic, integrated, transparent, agile, and constantly-evolving solutions for corporate legal support

our membership process

Schedule a Meeting
When you first contact us, we’ll schedule an in-depth meeting, either in-person or by phone or video conference, to get an understanding and prioritization of your legal needs, and determine which plan is best for you.
On-Demand Legal Support
Once you're a member, just call or email us any time to get practical, results-oriented legal advice whenever you need it in almost any business-related area. No worries about unpredictable bills or overly complicated answers.
Membership Structure
Your membership is a renewable contract with a minimum commitment of 6 months, after which you can cancel at any time.
Plan Reviews and Renewals
At the end of the first 6 months, we will sit down and review how things went and decide whether your current Plan is working for you, or if it needs to be adjusted. We'll continue to reassess your Plan each year thereafter to ensure you are receiving the support you need as your business grows.
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